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Abstract submission

Abstract submission is closed.

Presentation instructions

Please bring your presentation, in Microsoft Powerpoint compatible format, on a USB stick (minnepinne) and load it onto the pc in the correct auditorium. Morning presentations should be loaded in before the first session of the day begins, afternoon presentations should be loaded during the morning coffee break. There will be an assistant in the auditorium to help.

Poster instructions

The official poster session is after lunch on Thursday. We will also display posters inside the auditorium on Friday. Unfortunately, the Friday poster boards are a little small, so poster authors should decide whether you would rather display a larger poster on Thursday only, or a smaller poster on both days. We apologise for this rather odd compromise.

Thursday poster boards are 85 cm wide by 140 cm tall. Friday poster boards are 70 cm wide and 120 cm tall. This means that an A0 poster fits only on Thursday, while an A1 poster fits on both days.

Please hand in your poster to the registration desk upon arrival, and write very clearly upon the back of the poster whether you would like it displayed on Thursday or on both days. Thursday-only posters will be taken to the Friday venue and left rolled up at the side of the auditorium.

If you are new to preparing a poster, tips on how to prepare a good poster can be found here and in more detail here. Remember that your institution may already have a design template for you to follow.

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